Cambodia's Freshest Milk

Premium Milk

Moo Moo Farms plans on offering a wide variety of premium products including flavored milk along with yogurt, butter, cheese and even ice cream! Currently, though, Moo Moo Farms is only offering its premium fresh pasteurized milk to customers.

Fresh Pasteurized Milk

Our fresh pasteurized milk is the premium milk of Cambodia. Once you’ve tasted it, you will understand what “fresh” really means.

After the cows are milked each day, the milk is taken to our processing facility where it is chilled and then pasteurized. We then bottle the milk and deliver it to the store the next day to make sure you are getting the freshest milk possible.


Below is a list of where you can buy Moo Moo Milk

Aeon Mall
Lucky's Super Store

You can no find our fresh milk in 4 of the Lucky’s stores in Phnom Penh

Super Duper
Natural Garden

You can find our fresh milk at over 13 locations in Phnom Penh!